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The Wellness Plan

All New Patients and Returning Patients must first have a private session with Dr. Cassone 



















The cost is $95 a month and continues as long as you need it.
One acupuncture treatment per week is included but additional treatments may be purchased for $20 each.

Acupuncture treatments are given by the staff of licensed acupuncturists at Cassone Wellness.
Billing is automatic at the beginning of each month (first month prorated).
No contract/cancel anytime (cancellation must be prior to the next billing date by email, no refunds) once you cancel you must see the doctor for a private session at regular fees, re-entry into The Wellness Plan will be by invite only.
There are no cancellation fees for missing a treatment in The Wellness Plan however, you will forfeit your treatment for that week if you fail to remove yourself from the scheduled treatment at least two hours ahead of time.
Missed treatments do not "roll over;" if you fail to come in one week you do not get an extra treatment the following week.

NOTE: Be on time for scheduled appointment (if you are late you may miss your appointment).

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