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Can't Get It Up?

Can't Get It Up? Erectile Dysfunction The term impotence was abandoned years ago as its psychological impact on the fragile male ego was disempowering (the equivalent of calling a female barren if she had fertility issues). Erectile Dysfunction is the acceptable term used to describe any reduction in the quality of erection.

Blood The penis is simply a blood organ. The corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum line the shaft of the penis and are full of tiny compartments that fill with blood upon arousal. Poor blood circulation (from lack of exercise, atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis, etc.) will result in reduced blood supply to the penis thus negatively affecting erectile function.

Hormones The second major factor in erectile performance is sex hormone production. The primary source of sex hormones is the testis while secondary production occurs in the adrenal glands. With age, the production declines in the testis making the adrenal production (and subsequently maintaining adrenal gland health) more important. This shift in hormone production is called andropause. Poor adaptation to this internal hormone shift may result in the purchase of a Corvette.

Drug Interactions The number of medications being prescribed to treat the symptoms versus the causes of illness is increasing. This approach is sometimes effective at managing symptoms but the medications cannot be stopped as the causes are never addressed. This is something to consider as many medications have the side effect of reducing erectile function.

Psychogenic The last major factor for erectile dysfunction is the emotional and mental state of the penis owner. Anxiety about performance, for example, will trigger a sympathetic nervous system response inhibiting arousal. The purchase of a Corvette is unlikely to resolve this issue as it is deeply rooted in low self esteem.

Solution ► Maintain good cardiovascular health through a lifestyle that includes regular exercise. This also means keeping the extra weight off (obesity is a boner killer). ► Decrease taxation to the adrenal glands (sugar, stimulants, and stress). Improve and monitor the function of the hormone system under the care of a doctor trained in Functional Medicine or Longevity Medicine. ► Seek healthcare professionals that can treat the cause of your conditions so that you can reduce unnecessary medications. ► Lastly, if you hate yourself then deal with it. Don't take it out on your penis or your partner. Find a professional or support group that can help you make traction on the underlying issues of self value.

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