Whey Pro Complete

Whey Pro Complete is a protein powder made by Standard Process. It supports weight management, muscle tissue, immune system function, and gastrointestinal (GI) health.

  • Protein supplement to increase protein intake

  • Supports healthy epithelial cells in the bowel

  • Helps promote satiety

  • Supports the body's natural muscle growth and repair processes

  • Contains colostrum and inulin for GI-based immune system support

I do not recommend retail powders as they are typically full of fillers and sold with gimmicks. Retail companies compete for shelf space and spend their dollars on ads instead of product quality or research. They do not have their own farmlands and simply can not compare to Standard Process. To order Whey Pro Complete, follow the company info link and it will direct you to a doctor near you that carries Standard Process. You can also order directly from us with free shipping (all supplement sales are subject to approval by Dr. Cassone based on the needs of the individual).

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