Let Go of the Dark

"Every and any area of our life where there is darkness keeps out the light everywhere else." - Dr. Cassone

Qualities of the Dark Side:

  • think too much

  • try too hard

  • less effective

  • overwhelm

  • resentment

  • frustration

  • fear

  • judgement

  • self criticism

  • neediness

  • insecurity

  • alone

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • need to control (situations, people, etc.)

  • ocd, add, and adhd type disorders

  • addiction (substance, food, spending, love/sex, codependency, etc.)

  • people pleasing

  • having a facade (not authentic)

  • worry

  • expectation

  • overwhelm

  • obsessive thoughts

  • manipulation (changing who we are or what we do for a result)

  • exhaustion

  • focus is on self (all decisions made based on how it will affect me)

It is not important the person or situation for which you entered the darkness nor is it important the rationale you used to stay dark. It is only important that you practice letting it go.

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