Congee for Common Cold

Congee is a Rice Porridge from East Asia.

Congee (kahn-jee) is known for support of the gastrointestinal tract as it is easy to digest and soothes the mucosal lining. I find it an especially useful addition for patients with upset stomach or gastritis (does not take the place of medical treatment). It can also be used when fighting the common cold as it is served warm and nourishes without any heaviness.

Although congee can be made with many different grains, I suggest using rice. Jasmine or basmati are my favorites but any unprocessed white or brown rice will do (no "minute" rice products).


  • rice

  • water or broth

  • green onions

  • ginger

  • butter

  • salt or soy sauce


  1. add 1 part rice to 9 parts water (broth can be used instead of water for extra flavor and nutrition)

  2. add the rest of the ingredients and bring to boil

  3. simmer for 2-3 hours

  4. serve hot

Aside from the rice and the water, all other ingredients are optional. Ginger is the most important ingredient for those with gastrointestinal complaints. You can add anything to congee, including meat, but it's best to keep it simple and amounts low for ease of digestion. Traditionally, this was cooked overnight.

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