Why Goals Don't Work

Compensation is not Inspiration When your goal originates from personal insecurity or self judgement, then your goal becomes an attempt to satisfy how bad you feel. This is compensation.Trying fix ourselves from the outside never works. Even if we reach the goal, we are still not happy because the problem was on the inside. Lead by Inspiration When you remind yourself of what inspires you, then you are forming goals based on what you already feel great about; what you're passionate about. This comes from the place inside you where the insecurities and judgments don't exist. In this way, movement towards the goal becomes an expression of the healthy part of you which creates more of the healthy state. You're a success because you're more in touch with the passion in you regardless of the outcome. Example: Inner judgement: I don't like myself Rationale: it's because I'm fat (truth is we don't like ourselves fat or skinny but this is a very convincing self statement when you factually have weight to lose) Goal: lose weight Action: an uninspired exercise schedule that I force myself to do which I can't keep up Result: I suck ...run out of fuel ...and quit OR Inspiration: I like hikes and nature, when I spend time like this I am uber happy goal: plan time to walk in nature daily with a once a week hike somewhere special Action: excited to hike and do what I love Result: I stop picking on myself, without trying I eat less from emotional upset, I automatically experience new inspiration because I'm growing the healthy state of me, I actually lose weight but that doesn't matter as much because I am content.

Bottom Line

Inspiration creates more inspiration. Make goals based on what inspires you and you're sure to be a success.

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