2 Month Headache

"Dr Cassone is amazing. I had a migraine for two straight months with no relief. I was missing a ton of work and just miserable. Conventional doctors tried all the usual treatments (Botox, prescriptions, steroids, injections, etc) and nothing worked. I was at my wits end. I've also been trying to move away from prescriptions since doctors hand them out to me like candy, but as they fix one issue, they cause another. I found Dr Cassone on yelp and he had great reviews. Figured I had nothing to lose, so I made an appointment online through their website (so easy!). When I got there, Dr Cassone was extremely empathetic and kind. I would consider him almost a life coach as well. He doesn't treat symptoms - he finds out the root cause, which current medical doctors have moved away from in my opinion. He made me reflect on myself, my lifestyle and helped me understand how everything is tied together. It seemed within minutes he understood me. We did one quick session of acupuncture, which I figured wouldn't help but whatever. After my treatment I have been migraine free!! I was finally able to do work around the house yesterday! He also gave me herbal vitamins/medications that have helped with other issues I was having. Dr Cassone is a light worker. He helps and heals and I believe he can help anyone willing to listen and work together with him. If I'm feeling this much better after one session, I'm excited to see how I feel after a few more:) If you're at your wits end and feel doctors don't listen, or know if your heart something is awry in your life or body- go see him. I honestly feel like he gave me my life back. Thank you, Dr Cassone!"


Holistic & Integrative Medicine

Temecula, California

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