Acupuncture Treatment Goals

Acupuncture is a true medical model using sterile surgical stainless steel needles to affect nervous system resulting in changes in blood flow patterns, hormone system regulation, and immune system response.

Treatment Goals:

  1. Target channels (nerve maps/relationships between organs and tissues) on which pain syndromes are located or on which there is abnormal organ function. Points are picked to treat the diseased channel depending on the desired effect. (treatment is local to that channel and effects are observed instantly; needles retained 5-15 minutes)

  2. Additional channels are selected either to cover concomitant patterns or to complement the first channel(s). This creates a global effect. (entire system is treated with effects observed after 15 minutes; needles retained 15-25 minutes)

  3. Unique points are selected to reset the autonomic nervous system from sympathetic (fight or flight) to parasympathetic (chill mode). This shift has profound effects on the immune system and hormone system. (state of being is shifted with effects setting in after 10 minutes; needles retained up to 60 minutes)

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