FREE TeleMedicine for Cold and Flu

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

We are now offering FREE TeleMedicine appointments for ANYONE with cold and flu symptoms regardless of test status (TeleMedicine only; symptomatic patients not allowed in the office). These patients are often receiving zero treatment options from conventional care unless they become severe. However, a lot that can be done to increase health and support the immune system. There are patterns, based on signs and symptoms, for which we have developed specific herbal and nutritional prescriptions. The treatment goal is to arrest the progression, prevent damage to the lungs, and increase the recovery rate.

Patients will only pay for prescriptions. These short TeleMedicine appointments are not for those needing an extensive intake with chronic conditions who will need to schedule initial sessions at regular fees (in-person or TeleMedicine).


  1. schedule cold/flu appointment by emailing Clinical Director (

  2. during appointment, signs and symptoms will be documented and assessed

  3. a customized herbal medicine formula will be designed specifically for each patient to be combined with our nutritional immune support called DEFENSE

  4. initial prescription will always include 1 bottle of DEFENSE + 2 bottles of the custom herb formula which is $89.15 lasting 1-2 week depending on presentation and severity (additional items may be required if severe or for patients with prior lung conditions)

  5. daily follow up email contact is included allowing for modifications to dosage/prescription as needed


  • Shipping is $10 (free shipping on orders over $100)

  • Our lobby is open M-F 7am to 7pm and Saturdays 7am to 5pm if you prefer to send someone in to pick up


Our office is routinely disinfected. NO symptomatic patients are allowed (they are TeleMedicine only). Patients coming in for regular treatments do not touch anything with their hands, are socially distanced, and practitioners are masked, gloved, and regularly disinfected. The grocery store is a bigger risk than coming in to see us to improve your health.

Disclaimer: Although we are all trying not to burden the hospital system, if you can not breath or feel your life is in danger then call 911 or go to the hospital.

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