The Point of Integration

The Point of Integration. This is what I call the turning point when a patient shifts from victimization of their problems or conditions to one of meaning and purpose and ultimately of guidance.

your pain has meaning

We all have trials of life. It never ends. However, as long as we are in conflict with a situation we become victims. The situation may be factual but the suffering is always optional. The suffering is based on expectation. As a result, massive personal energy is spent controlling, negotiating, and manipulating the environment to prevent or reduce more suffering.

let go of the expectation

The shift occurs when we stop fighting life. Where a problem upsets us, we realize it is because there is an internal lesson to be gained. We begin to lean into the lesson which gives the hardship meaning. It was supposed to happen. It is these difficulties that actually show us where we still need to grow.

there is a lesson plan tailor made for each one of us if we're only willing to see it

As we listen to the lessons, we acknowledge where we need to let go. We begin to shed layers of our ego for it is the self-centered part of us that has been holding us hostage. We spend less effort on conflict. This leaves space for inspiration, meaning, purpose, and joy.

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Temecula, California

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