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Where to begin? Two weeks into a program and my wife and I couldn’t be happier! Happy that we found a professional that has helped both of us. We both feel so much better! Happy that we have met Dr. John!! Thank you!


Dr. John gets to the heart of your ailments, he takes you on a healing journey. If you’re reading this testimony you might be looking for results ‘outside the box’ of traditional western medicine. I’m sure taking a holistic approach may sound foreign to some of you, let me reassure you it does work! Dr. John is passionate about his work, he has a genuine concern for YOU and takes the time to explain what you should know about your body.


Prior to seeing Dr. John I was in constant stomach pain, my digestion was horrible, and I had an array of odd physical ailments. Since I had been suffering for well over 20 years, I was convinced I was suffering from a terminal illness that wouldn’t be discovered until it was too late. In my last hopes of dealing with my ailments, at the suggestion of a dear friend, I went to Dr. John, handed him a list of all my ailments, and from that moment, my life has changed.


After a thorough complete health examination we went to work immediately on the most important of my ailments, my digestion. Within days I was feeling much better. My stomach didn’t hurt. My digestion was rapidly improving. The inflammation I had noticed on my skin disappeared. I didn’t come in for weight loss, but as a result of Dr. John’s treatment, I lost 30 lbs in four months!


My entire outlook on life has improved. I truly have never felt better in all my life. I feel 20 years younger. People regularly tell me I look 20 years younger. I have been well for over a year and a half now and I know that with Dr. John’s guidance, I will continue to be well for the rest of my life.


Cassone Wellness is a physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. He will meet you where you are in all aspects of your life. He is humble and caring, and it is very obvious every time I see him the care and concern he has for me, for my health, and for my welfare.


In January 2011, one year after seeing Dr. John Cassone for the first time, I looked at my list of ailments. All but one is gone! Incredible! Words can never express my gratitude. I have a hope for a healthy and painless future. I cannot recommend Cassone Wellness enough. It has been life changing working with Cassone Wellness. I have struggled with a number of health and emotional issues, since childhood. After years of doctor visits and getting nowhere I was convinced I was going to be sick and depressed forever. It has been such a relief working with Dr. John, he has helped me overcome so many struggles since walking into his office. Not only have I made huge progress physically but what he has helped me work through emotionally is priceless!


I went to Cassone Wellness on recommendation of a friend that had experienced amazing results through his practice and treatments. In a short 3 months, she had, in essence, reconstituted her physicality and mental well-being to a point that was, frankly, amazing. On going, myself, I was instantly impressed with both Dr. John and his wife, Kelly. While undergoing consultations, treatments, the addition of whole food supplements, and a ‘Reset’ nutritional program, I went from an overweight, depressed, and unhealthy individual, to one well on his way to a new lifestyle and beginning.


I have gone from an obese, borderline diabetic individual with heart disease, to one well on his way to a healthier and happier existence. I have John (and Kelly) to thank for this. I can’t recommend Cassone Wellness enough.


I originally came to Cassone Wellness regarding physical ailments and to my surprise some emotional issues were addressed, what followed was an overall feeling of energy and peace. Dr. John is a true professional at what he does. Take the time to invest in yourself it will be your best investment.


Dr. John Cassone and his wife Kelly are professional, efficient, precise, and best of all, caring! If you want professional care but also don’t want to feel like a lab experiment, Cassone Wellness is the place for you! He takes the time to listen and goes out of his way to offer tangible advice to work towards a solution to your health issue. Kelly, who is usually the first one who you will be in contact with at Cassone Wellness, is inviting and cheerful and makes you feel like you will be in good hands. I give Cassone Wellness five stars!


I always look forward to my visits. I never feel rushed and know that he truly cares. I also have never felt pressured to take anything I don’t really need. I will continue to refer Cassone Wellness to friends and clients, he has given me so much hope and for that I am eternally grateful.


Dr. John Cassone is the best Wellness Doctor in the Inland Valley! He has helped me and my husband tremendously in so many ways. From nutrition to overall health and well-being, Dr. John is extremely educated and has changed my life in a very positive way. I would recommend Cassone Wellness to anyone who is searching for an alternative method to medicine. Thank you, Dr. John, for all that you do for me and my husband! We appreciate you more than you know!


I am so happy to be a client of Dr. John Cassone. He is a practitioner of great and rare talent. He treats the whole being, not just the body….It truly is body, mind and spirit within his scope of practice. It is not just a holistic clinic, it is a refuge.


Good Morning Kelly, it was a pleasure meeting you and Dr. John. My husband and I implemented the diet changes as of last night at dinner, we are feeling better already! Dr. John is very inspiring and passionate. Thank you for working with me on getting my husband in. We loved the atmosphere that is set at your office, as well as how compassionate you both are to each individual. We look forward to seeing you in 2 weeks. Have a beautiful and blessed day.


I went to see Dr. John when my life was in turmoil and I felt like I had no where to turn for professional advice, treatment, and help. Dr John was supportive, knowledgeable, friendly, professional and caring. I felt as if he helped me see my condition through a new set of positive and empowering eyes, which allowed me to understand the importance of root and branch treatment approaches. My health–both physically and mentally–has dramatically improved over the last year, and I attribute my success to Dr. John’s mentorship and medical expertise.


When I first came to see Dr. John I was suffering mentally,  emotionally and physically, desperately trying to fix myself. He immediately went to the depth,  where I needed to let go the most. I thought I was in for just my physical ailments, but he quickly showed me the relationship between that and my mental emotional state. He spent so much time with me, and still does every time I see him. I can honestly say my life has significantly changed for the better in the last couple of years, thanks to Dr. John. I trust him and deeply appreciate his ongoing kindness, compassion and support. Dr. John is a true healer. The best I’ve come across in all my travels. I feel so lucky to know him.


After returning from a 5 year missions trip to Africa I came home SICK! I went to Tropical Disease Dr.’s, ENT’s, Infectious Disease Doctors, GPs, and OBGYN’s. After tons of blood tests, biopsies, and stool samples no one had answers. As a last ditch effort my husband brought me to Cassone Wellness. Dr. John spent hours with me and right away I felt like he cared and would do whatever he could to help. Within the first visit he diagnosed several of my problems. He gave me hope!! My healing has been a process; but, one both of us are fully committed to. He has helped heal me spiritually, emotionally, and physically. He is a brilliant diagnostician. He cares about his patients deeply (much more than money.) My advice to you: listen to what he says!! I was skeptical at first and I wish I wasn’t! It delayed my healing. I thank God daily for putting Dr. John in my life.


I was referred to Dr John for leaky gut. I had already been eating extremely clean but I was avoiding foods as I was previously told by a doctor that I couldn’t eat those foods due to various tests. Upon meeting Dr John, he discussed getting to the root cause.  Although I still eat whole foods primarily, I am no longer afraid of food and I enjoy whatever it is I decide to eat. Dr John is unlike any doctor I’ve seen. If you’re experiencing anxiety, stress, and/or digestive issues this is the place for you. I also get my facials/skin treatment from Kelly. I’ve already seen an improvement in my skin and am wearing less makeup!


Dr. Cassone is THE BEST! I’ve been to multiple doctors in the past 3 years trying to find out why I’m fatigued every day. Like extreme fatigue. My 11 year old had to make dinner sometimes because I couldn’t. My own father is a prominent physician in town and he even brushed me off like I was crazy.  First the doctors put me on anti-depressants and a year later I was put on Adderral, what?? Then I was diagnosed with IBS-C. So supposedly I was a depressed, hyperactive, constipated 28 year old woman??? None of these medications helped, if they did it was temporary. I ate healthy (gluten free) and alcohol free, I exercised 3x a week (if I could) but I felt like death the majority of the time. Some days I couldn’t even walk up a flight of stairs without being completely wiped out. I’m 28 years old, that’s not ok! I knew something else was wrong with me but I didn’t know what and my doctors thought it “was all in my head”.


I came in to see Dr. Cassone 2 weeks ago and he LISTENED to me and my concerns. My first visit he spent 2.5 hours with me. I felt for the first time in a long time someone cared about my health. Instead of medicating my symptoms: fatigue, dizziness, cold hands and feet, loss of hair, my body felt heavy like walking was a challenge because I was so weighed down…he treated the cause of all the issues: ADRENAL FATIGUE. It’s a common problem but often misdiagnosed or under treated by GP’s. If your adrenal glands aren’t functioning properly then your thyroid, liver, kidneys, intestines, everything can’t function and you experience extreme fatigue, etc.


Dr. Cassone took me off all carbs, all sugar and all grains. Eating isn’t exactly easy but I feel WAY BETTER! It’s only been two weeks and I feel amazing! I’m so grateful for him. I can go to work, go to gym after and still be present to cook dinner and do homework with my daughter. I’m no longer exhausted from the moment I wake up. I can walk up two flights of stairs and not look like I’m 100 years old about to faint. I was worried about the no carb thing. Honestly, I was strait scared! I thought carbs gave us energy? But I trusted Dr. Cassone and haven’t had any carbs, sugar or grains and I feel normal….finally! He gave me some supplements too which I love. All in all, he listen to me and I trusted his advice and it has changed my life. I’ll be forever grateful.


I wish I could give 10 stars! I saw Kelly for my acne prone skin and I can’t say enough good things about my experience! Kelly took the time to get to know me and my skin issues. She explained everything and made sure I was comfortable the entire time. My skin has never felt so good. She reviewed my home products and helped me create a game plan for home care. They do not sell product, so there was no pressure to buy a certain skin care line. I never felt rushed and I actually have hope for my skin! Finally! I can’t wait to go back.


I started seeing Dr. Cassone a year ago for migraines.  I had worked with specialists for nearly a decade and had gotten no where. After a frightening stay at the hospital where I was told I might possible need brain surgery I went to see Dr. Cassone as a last resort before surgery.  He spent a lot of time with me and really paid attention to what I said and how I felt. Then instead of treating my symptoms of pain he started treating the causes.  2 days later I realized something was different. It was the first day in over a decade that I didn’t have a headache.  I went from having a few migraines a month to none at all.  He has saved me a fortune in co-pays, medication, and time off of work.

On another note, my husband and I had been trying to get pregnant with no success for almost 6 years. When I asked Dr. Cassone about this he said pregnancy is often a side effect of good health.  He focused on getting me healthy.  6 months after starting treatment I found out I was pregnant.  We are expecting our little girl on June 6th.

Thank you so much for everything!!!!!!


I went to see Dr. John as a last ditch effort.  I was being treated by  at least 10 different specialists regularly for 12 years now but all I got was more complications, more pills, and more doctors.  My primary care doctor recommended I start looking at more alternative medicines because the medications alone we’re putting me at risk.  I was gaining weight and side effects daily.

My first meeting with Dr. John was close to 3 hours and for the first time in a long time I felt someone saw the connection between everything I was suffering from not just their little specialty area (& I have kaiser).  I saw almost immediate results with my acid reflux so went all in and did what he recommended 110%.  It was a life style change but worth it!  I have lost almost every single symptom over the last 6 months along with the tons of prescription meds I was taking to survive.  Every single specialist is amazed because they had all run out of ideas and options so seeing the dramatic changes from seeing someone not a MD.


I started seeing Dr. John primarily because of the fact that I have Multiple Sclerosis, and struggle with the effects of the heat in our Valley. What I didn’t expect was that he would zero in on other, unexpected facets of my health. He truly treats the whole person, and not just the symptoms. End result? I’m sleeping better, my digestion is better, I’m off several prescriptions that I was taking, and I feel GREAT. Can’t recommend him any higher! The supplements and herb products that he suggested are priced very fairly, and seem to do exactly what he said they would. I’m sold.


I am beyond happy that I found Dr. Cassone and his whole family for that matter! I was beginning to think that I would not find a doctor that could help me with my medical situation- and then I came here! After only one visit I felt like a member of their community and I can tell it is their personal goal to make sure that we not only fix the problem that I am having, but take the precautions to make sure that I am as healthy as I can be. I would not just recommend Dr. Cassone to anyone , I would encourage them to take the leap to a better life and a healthier well-being. Whatever situation it may be, I have full faith that the Cassone family will make sure they can help in any way that they can.


Where can you find a doctor that actually listens to you? Cassone Wellness!!

Where can you find a doctor that takes time with you? Cassone Wellness!!

Where can you find a doctor that works with you on underlying issues, instead of covering up the problem with prescription drugs? You guessed it, Cassone Wellness!

Dr. John got right to the point – but took all the time needed (my first appointment was 2+ hours!) to ask question, educate me, and then answer (all my many!) questions!

If you’re tired of being sick … Yep … Go to Cassone Wellness!!


I was so impressed with Cassone Wellness when I went last month. What a breath of fresh air to find a professional that doesn’t whip out the prescription pad but brings natural remedies to common problems that become more difficult to correct.

The trust and confidence I felt visiting Cassone Wellness is very comforting.


It is such a blessing to have Cassone Wellness here in Temecula. Dr. John Cassone and his wife Kelly run a caring, professional, patient centered practice. They take the time to listen and make you feel like family, not cattle the way many MD offices are run. They also have a great working relationship with one of the most progressive Md’s in town. I highly recommend anyone looking for a homeopathic or an alternative medicine practice to go to Cassone Wellness.


Thank goodness for places like this and for Doctors like this!!

My daughter went there for belly issues. We had seen several MDs regarding this issue and had spent lots of money–and we felt frustrated at the lack of results. Dr. Cassone did a consultation and examination like a Medical Doctor…BUT prescribed dietary changes and natural supplements, NOT drugs! The results were great. She no longer has the belly issues; and as a family we learned a great deal about food and health. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


I first started seeing Dr. John Cassone in July of this year.  I have been sick with a debilitating condition, caused by medication that a Dermatologist prescribed to me. Before my meeting with Dr. John, it had been plaguing my life for almost 2 years with very little improvement.  I had been to numerous doctors paying hundreds of dollars in copays and lab tests over the years with only more questions than answers as a result.  There were so many visits to Primary Care doctors, Vascular Specialists, Rheumatologists, Endocrinologists, Gynecologists, even an Orthopedic Surgeon. However my time, money, and hope for some kind of help were only met with shoulder shrugs and (in most cases) a complete and utter apathy and disinterest in helping me solve the mystery of my condition. In fact the Rheumatologist made my condition even worse by prescribing MORE medication! I had started to lose faith in the healthcare system as a whole. That is, until I found information online about Dr. John Cassone at Cassone Wellness in my own town of Temecula, CA.

After reading information about his practice on his website and reading reviews about him on Yelp and Google I decided to give him a chance, after all, I had tried literally everything else.  I set up the appointment which was a surprising 90 minutes!! This was at least five times longer than any of the other doctors had given me in one session (you know how they spend 5-10 minutes with you and even then you feel rushed). I arrived at his office in Old Town Temecula not expecting anything close to what I received. First of all, Dr. John TRULY cares about his patients. This was clearly evident by the time he took with me (which ended up being about 3 hours!!!) and the fact that he was actually listening and reacting to what I said, not just hearing my words and thinking of what medical jargon to spew out next like some of the other “specialists” I had seen. Dr. John actually BELIEVED me. He also took the time to educate me about the body and how the different systems are connected physiologically, which was greatly appreciated. “Living in the physiology of the body,” as he puts it, gives him a unique perspective and allowed him to pin point a lot of my issues in the first visit!

It has now been about 3.5 months since my first meeting with Dr. John Cassone and I can honestly say that the treatment he prescribed has helped me by leaps and bounds! In fact, not only have the issues at hand improved, but my overall health and prior conditions I believed to be untreatable have actually improved as well!  I have had issues for over 15 years that Dr. John has “helped my body” correct. Although I still have some progress to be made, the healing process has finally begun and I can see my life coming back to me again. Dr. John Cassone and everyone at Cassone Wellness have been amazing and I am very grateful to have them in my life. Even my husband and my mother are patients of his now!! We all highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking for an alternative to their current medical issues and to anyone, for that matter, who is looking for an overall better quality of life and medical care.


I have to start off by saying I have never written a review for any place in my life because quite honestly I just never cared too… but I have to today. I came to Dr John because (if it isn’t hard enough just being a woman in general) I’ve been having issues with my hormones for a few years now and every Dr I’ve seen just wanted to give me birth control or have me on hormone therapy, let me add I’m just 31yrs old. Being a daughter of woman who had breast cancer and then Uterus cancer and passed away… I’ve been on the paranoid side for quite sometime. Long story short, its been 3 weeks that I’ve been seeing Dr John and I can not stress enough how thankful I am to have found him, not only has he begun to reverse my symptoms but also has helped me in so many other ways I did not expect spiritually. I can not wait for what’s more to come with my health and overall well-being with Dr John by my side.


The world needs more Drs. like John. His ability to see through physical manifestations and get to the root of the problem is what makes his model of Integrative Health care effective. I never expected to uncover so many layers of myself in our meeting and after we were done, I left with this AH HA feeling. Not only is my physical stuff taken care of with supplements and great advice but my relationship with myself and my husband is improving significantly. Where else can you get that?

I’m lucky to know you and be your colleague/patient! Thank you!


I wish I could get all my friends and family to go see Dr. John! He is just so good at getting to the heart of the matter and being able to explain things in a way that really makes sense. Dr. John helped me get out of underneath the hot flash fun that I was having – without expensive testing or HRT (hormone replacement). At 46 I am not mentally ready for menopause – so having the hot flashes under control really is wonderful.  Dr. John also helped (and is helping) me with the emotional responses I have to life in general as well as helping me be in a better place about the changes happening inside my body.

Dr. John has also been an invaluable, generous and patient resource/mentor/friend as I am starting on my path as a healing practitioner. I can strongly recommend Dr. John to anyone who wants a caring, compassionate  and intuitive physician to guide them on their journey toward health and well being.


I have been going to Cassone Wellness for several years now.  Originally, I began seeing Dr. John for help with some basic issues and support.  He was wonderful at explaining how the systems in the body work, and how often conventional Western medicine masks, instead of treating symptoms.  In my individual case, some of the medications I was taking were covering up symptoms, and causing new problems.  I loved how he worked with me through that. Then things changed……

March of 2013 I was diagnosed with a very aggressive breast cancer. After being set up with an Oncologist, and Surgeons my next call was to Dr. John.  I am ever so grateful to have him on my health team.  Dr. John recommended without hesitation that I do the chemo, and have surgery to get rid of the cancer, and then he would help support me after with supplements to make my body strong again.  He explained that there wasn’t much he could do while I was in treatment, because he didn’t want to interfere with the chemo. However, without interfering with the treatment through supplements, he did use a couple other things to help with the bone pain, and other frustrating symptoms of chemo. One appointment I will NEVER forget is when I went to see him, and needed a wheelchair. I was so weak.  He looked at my eyes, and skin, checked my pulse, then looked at me and said ” I know you have 3 or 4 treatments left (I had 16 chemo treatments) , but I have to jump in now with Liver support, your liver is not doing well”  3 days later my Oncologist looked at my blood work and confirmed that we were going to need to keep careful watch on my Liver, because it was in bad shape.   I was so happy that Dr. John was there to help with the Liver support. We are still supporting my liver, but I am doing great.

Once chemo was finished I began to see Kelly for help with my skin. (Chemo is hard on that as well)  She was very gentle, and carful with what she used on me.  There is nothing cookie cutter about how she works.  Everyone is an individual with different skin issues, and she treats in that manner.  I always feel wonderful when leaving after an appointment with Kelly.

I will be having what will hopefully be the last of major surgeries in a couple of weeks, and saw Dr. John yesterday.  I can tell you, I feel and look so much healthier than I did even before the cancer. Dr. John is so easy to talk to, and gave me a new perspective on how to look at a potentially problematic symptom. No supplements, for this particular problem, just a fresh perspective.  It was exactly what I needed.

Dr. John is a very important member of my health team. More than that, he has become important in my life!



My husband and my journey with Dr. John started in February 2014. I am 56 and was going through the typical female menopause, hot flashes, weight gain, no energy, depression, I also suffered from Shingles, Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and High Blood Pressure and taking medication for all three. On top of that, I had been fighting a cough since November 2013 and went to my medical doctor to be told he thought I had pneumonia. I was tired of feeling so crappy… after all… I was only 56! My sister had been seeing a nutritionist and  had great success. So I did some internet research and found Dr. John Cassone. I asked my husband (He had his own issues) if he wanted to make a together appt and go see Dr. John. My husband, the skeptic said you go first and we will see if this guy is a quack. Because I wanted my husbands opinion, I asked him to go with me to my first appt. Well 2 hours later and some supplements, my husband and I are walking out of Dr. John’s office and he says that guy seems alright and not a quack, make me an appt. One week later my husband was sitting in Dr. Johns chair describing his issues…

It is now 4 months later and I can honestly say, my husband and I have lost weight, we both have much more energy, I rarely have hot flashes, I am sleeping through the night, I am down to 1 pill each night for my RLS (I was taking 3 per night) and hoping to get off completely. I have not a shingles breakout in a few months (I was having them a couples times a month), I plan to go to my medical doctor soon to see if I can get off High Blood pressure medication, my husband no longer has IBS, his plantar fasciitis is much better and we both feel it is because of that first appt with Dr. John.

Dr. John is a teacher as well as a healer. He teaches you what your body needs, why it needs it and how to help it stay healthy. I would recommend Dr. John to any one who is dealing with any type of mental or physical issues. When you walk through his door he is warm, easy to talk to, and I feel his true desire is to help you learn about your body and how it works so you keep yourself healthy from the inside out.

Thank you so much Dr. John!!


I’ve been seeing Dr. John for about a year and a half now. I started going for digestive problems and was eventually diagnosed with colon cancer after he insisted I go to the ER for severe lower abdominal cramps. Traditional medicine offered me no nutritional support other than that I drink “Boost” which is full of cancer feeding food like hydrogenized oils and GMOs like high fructose corn syrup and of course the standard protocol of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. After much prayer and research I knew that was not the route for me. Not only did Dr. John take time out of his busy schedule to drive an hour to visit me in the hospital, he came along side once I was released and provided me with real nutritional supplements to boost my immune system and help me beat this dreadful disease. The powder “SP Complete” that he recommended, literally kept me alive during a time when after losing 50 lbs I had no appetite. You can read about my journey in my autobiography which Dr. John inspired me to write called “Waking up with CANCER!” Which is available on I am eternally grateful to Dr John and his lovely wife Kelly for their sincere love, care and support and I highly recommend him for anyone going through any type of a health battle. Rather than masking your symptoms with pharmaceuticals like many doctors do, he will take the time to get to the root of the  problem and help your body get back on track to heal itself the way God designed it to.


I can truthfully say Dr. Cassone saved me not just physically but my spirit as well.  After years of being poked, bruised, sick, pained, bandaged and fed nothing but prescriptions to the point of worse sickness.  Tired of years of paying out to go through different trials of pains and medicines just to be told “Well it is what it is but this will help for the pain”.  I was at my last strip of energy and ready to give up completely.   After some convincing I finally decided to see Dr.Cassone and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.  Dr. Cassone spent the time to not only listen to everything I had dealt with mentally physically emotionally but took the time to explain each step and process and was able to tell me almost to the T where the roots to these problems were and what  changes I needed to make to in order to live a better healthier happier life.  From the first day as hard as it was at times I stuck to his plan and could feel the difference immediately.  my skin was clearer my appetite was increasing my energy levels went up the way I looked at my everyday life was completely changed.  for once I started looking forward to the days and becoming inspired to pursue my future.   I have been prescription free for almost 3 years now. My food is my medicine and my mind is my healer. Thank you Dr. Cassone for giving me the tolls to love my inner self and for beginning my healing process properly.   it is crazy to think how much your body can go through and how much your mind is willing to fight for your body.  once you have the right tools everything falls into its place.  Dr. Cassone didn’t just bandage or fix my problems temporary, he got to the roots, educated me on what they were and gave me the tools to heal and live a happy healthier life and end these problems for good.

Also Kelly is amazing!  I have been able to email her at the most randomness times (I have a pretty busy schedule) and is always so willing to work with me and spends the time to figure out when to schedule me in.  I know I can always trust and count on them.  if I have a question they never make me go back 30 times and charge me for it just to say yay or nay, they have replied suggested recommended and even sent me over links to help me through the process. THANK YOU DR. CASSONE AND KELLY!


I was referred to Dr. John by a life-long friend who has worked with Dr. John for years. I’ve been working with him for about 6 months, and working with him has been life changing! Right off the bat, Dr. John was able to understand my health situation and, in turn, help me better understand the state of my health. Dr. John has shed light on “the big picture” of my health. The thing I like the most about working with Dr. John is that he is so interested and passionate about the human body as well and it’s intricate workings that are so illusive. He is very knowledgeable, compassionate and has the desire and know-how to make the approach to establishing balance on an individual level. I would recommend Dr. John to anyone who is seeking balance in their health, whatever the issue may be.


I live in PA and was referred to Dr. John by my sister who lives in CA.

I have been working with him for 1.5 months now and see a drastic change already.

The doctors diagnosed me with Post-Partum Depression after I had my baby in October…but I knew that wasn’t the problem. The anti-anxiety meds weren’t helping at all. I called Dr. John in desperation and as my last resort. he said I was misdiagnosed and had severe Post-Partum deficiency! I can already see a huge change with the extreme fatigue, anxiety, etc that I was having. I will definitely continue to work with him till I am 100% and tell everyone about how he has helped me. THANKS KELLY AND DR JOHN!!



I have my life back!

I had been thinking about going to see Dr. Cassone for a while after hearing so many wonderful things about him.  I was sick, stuck and in a pretty sad state of life not to mention frustrated with the “health care” I had attempted to seek out with finding a new doctor in town.  My first visit with my PCP lead me to a visit with a PA, who barely had 4 minutes of time for me.  This was not an environment where I felt safe and secure in discuss my health concerns.  Then I went to see Dr. Cassone.

At my first appointment, he immediately made me feel like I was in safe hands and that I what I had to say was valid and I was being heard, and that there was something I could do about everything.  The very next day, I looked in the mirror and saw a different person who was on the way back to life.  It’s been a while now, and I feel so much better and am getting better every day.  It would not have been without Dr. Cassone.  I have a way to go in this journey, but I am ever so confident in having him on my team.

I can’t thank him and his wonderful wife, Kelly, enough.  This is what health care should be, and this is exactly what I wanted for my wellness and life.  I can’t recommend Dr. Cassone enough to all of my friends, family and loved ones.


When I first started seeing Dr. John I was a physical and emotional disaster. My issues ranged from digestive problems, binging on sugar, crazy relationships, anxiety, panic attacks, depression & a deep feeling of hopelessness(to name a few). Through my years in working with Dr. John my life has completely transformed. He has guided me through a healing process that has changed my emotional, physical & spiritual well being. I am living out my dreams, no longer binging on food, full of excitement/joy and in great physical health. It is difficult to put into words how instrumental Dr. John has been in transforming my life(it brings tears to my eyes as I write this). I am forever grateful!!!


Dr. John helped me with digestive issues.  It is nice to know there is an alternative to health issues that is all natural and Dr. John goes above and beyond to make sure you feel your best.

If Dr. John’s services aren’t great enough, Kelly does wonders with her skin care.  One thing I love about it is that she makes sure to see exactly what your skin needs instead of prescribing a bunch of skin care products that cost a lot of money.

Thanks Cassone Wellness!


Cassone Wellness does an excellent job taking care of their clients with the clients’ best interest in mind. They listen, examine, diagnose, then solve the problem unlike most doctors who are ready to prescribe something as soon as they see you. They follow up after and check in often. Thank you!


I cannot say enough good things about my friend and school colleague Dr.
John Cassone.  Caring, conscientious, knowledgeable and human all
describe Dr. Cassone’s character and persona.  We have talked in length
about Cassone Wellness Center and how important it is that each patient
receive individualized, quality attention and care – in fact, Dr.
Cassone would never have it any other way.  Rest assured, your health is
in excellent hands at Cassone Wellness Center!


Achieving health encompasses so much more than treating symptoms. I’ve searched for many years for someone to help with my chronic condition but found only one person who’s ability to integrate the physical/emotional aspect of my condition and provide me with tools, supplements and knowledge to achieve optimal health. Dr. John’s nailed it. He’s figured it out. He is what distinguishes a technician from a true practitioner. Viewing the body/mind as a whole is the BEST way to practice medicine. Thank you John, you’ve inspired me to become a practitioner like you and…. I FEEL GREAT!


Dr John and the group at Cassone Wellness Center in Temecula have provided
myself and my family with a great holistic supplement program that has
restored our mind and body to better than new state.


We need more Doctors like Dr. John Cassone. His bedside manner is superb. He listens attentively and does not rush your appointment. His treatment recommendations are common sense and effective. I appreciate him and his entire staff; it is a very well run business. Thank you so much for your help!


I’ve had the pleasure of seeing both Dr. John and his wife Kelly Cassone for
different wellness needs.  As a busy girlfriend, mother, friend, and
professional executive, when symptoms of stress and age manifest, the
body really can take a beating.  For stress, Dr. John took the time to
understand my life patterns, as well as treated me as a human, not a
patient number.  Soon enough my symptoms became an obvious response to
what my body was fighting.  He knew just how to treat me, from the
inside out.  Regarding Kelly, as a marketing executive, my appearance
can mean everything when meeting prospects and clients.  Kelly Cassone
is the ONLY person I will allow to touch my face.  No fancy machines, no
complicated chemicals, and always with tender care. I go in for a
simple hour session looking and feeling 80, and come out looking and
feeling like 30. Cassone wellness provides a full course of healing
services that can change the way you live your life, and how you feel
about yourself, forever.


I only wish I had found Dr. Cassone earlier. Amazing health transformation on my family and friends. We are so grateful.


Life Changing!

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