What to Expect on the RESET Food Plan

Week One

The first 3 days you may feel tired as your body switches from carbohydrate dependency to efficiently burning fat as fuel. This switch should be complete by day 4 unless you've cheated (eating foods off the plan) which will delay your body from making the switch. 

Generally, the harder this food plan is the greater the dysfunction and the more you need it.

You may notice increased thirst and urination initially as you start to flush some of the swelling and bloat that you are now releasing. This also represents the initial stage of weight loss. Although it is water weight it still counts. Less swelling means less inflammation.

Keep healthy foods with you at all times and keep your water intake up and you should be fine. Keep in mind, this food plan is not starving you as it does not limit quantity. 

After Day 4, energy levels and cravings typically balance out. A major cause of low energy or cravings is that you are still not getting enough nutrition. Make sure you are having green smoothies and consider adding SP Complete. Poor nutrition with less overall caloric intake can also result in loss of muscle. Keeping nutrition up with greatly improve the outcome.
Weeks Two and Three
By the end of week one, you should be fat burning. You will likely notice increased concentration, energy levels, and much improved sleep (you need to be fat burning at night to sleep well and now you are). Be careful with alcohol consumption as your body will be clean and one glass may feel like two.

This food plan is suggested for 3 weeks minimum to teach you by experience how you feel without the grains, starches, and sugars. It also allows for your body to get used to burning fat as fuel and is corrective for the dysglycemia and dyspepsia. 

You may notice your clothes fitting different. This means your body composition is changing (fat to muscle ratio). Keep in mind, if you gain a very small amount of muscle but lose a much greater amount of fat, the scale will not change.